Turning the Corner on Fraud Prevention

These are the Faces of Fraud, 2020

In conjunction with Information Security Media Group (ISMG) we surveyed 150 security professionals regarding their organization’s fraud challenges, gaps and future strategies. It’s clear that financial institutions are continuing their digital transformation via the mobile channel, which fraudsters are evolving and exploiting. However, positive signs in-terms of investment, technology focus and C-Level buy-in indicate a sea change for years ahead.

Challenges by the Numbers

77% of respondent said the number of fraud incidents/financial losses involving their organization increased or remained steady.

Fraud schemes evolving too quickly is the #1 vulnerability in organization’s fraud defenses.

48% of organizations have limited or no visibility when it comes to identifying the impact of a phishing attack.

Cultural and technical siloes are organizations top barriers, resulting in manual processes, lack of control and gaps in protection

How Organizations are Responding

72% are confident in their C-level executives understanding of the required cybersecurity funding.

71% of organizations expect an increase in budget, with 26% indicating no change

Machine Leaning/AI is the #1 investment area for organizations within the next 18 months.

46% remain focused on the transactional nature of fraud with ACH/wire fraud as their top concern.

Mike Lopez, VP & GM of AppGate Total Fraud Protection Discusses the Faces of Fraud 2020 Results with ISMG’s Nick Holland

Faces of

Faces of Fraud 2020
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