As Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads to more than 160 countries, malicious actors are increasingly targeting your customers by creating specialized phishing and malware attacks.

How Can We Help?

To reduce increased attacks and better protect your customers, AppGate is offering a free 30-day Digital Threat Protection (DTP) Trial* to help organizations proactively monitor, detect and mitigate attacks.

Why AppGate DTP?

AppGate’s Digital Threat Protection is a comprehensive solution that provides unparalleled attack visibility.

AppGate DTP can help organizations:

  • Proactively detect and remove phishing attacks, malicious social media campaigns, and malvertising
  • Understand the threat landscape and how it’s impacting your organization
  • Eliminate threats early on, so the impact is minimal


* Some restrictions may apply

Free 30-day Digital Threat Protection Trial